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  • Age Requirement: 14+
  • Location Eligibility: USA, UK & Canada.
  • Extended Review Available: Yes, click here.

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MySurvey is the perfect survey panel for newbies and seasoned panelists alike. The user-friendly feel of the site makes it easy to earn minimum payout. Furthermore, even if you don't qualify to take all the surveys, you still earn at least 10 cents each time for trying. We love that you don't have to wait till the end of the month to have a check sent. You can request a payment once you reach $10 regardless of the time of the month.

Our Favorite PTC Site

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  • Ads Per Day: At least 4.
  • Amount Paid Per Click: $0.01
  • Extended Review Available: Yes, click here.

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Neobux is our favorite site because of the instant payouts to PayPal. As soon as you acquire enough money to cashout, you can expect to see your money within your account instantly. It doesn't get better than that.

Our Favorite GPT Site

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  • Age Requirement: 13+
  • Location Eligibility: All Countries (Mostly US).
  • Full Guide Available: Yes, click here.

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CashCrate has been a long time favorite of all users who know how to earn money on this site. With surveys, offers and now games available, its nearly impossible not to make payout each month. In addition, their referral system is one of the best online. If you join this site, take a look at our guide. It will be very helpful.