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Points2Shop Review

Points2Shop Information

  • Age Requirement: 13+.
  • Location Eligibility: U.S.
  • Membership Fee: None
  • Form Of Payout: Amazon Gifts (Anything on Amazon), PayPal, E-Gold, Check, AlertPay, and many others.
  • Referral System: Yes.
  • Timeliness of Payout: Varies on the form of Payout you choose.

Who are they?

Points2Shop offers so many chances to earn rewards, its hard to pick a place to start. First off, like CashCrate, Points2Shop provides daily surveys and point/cash offers for users to take advantage of. They also offer competitions and games to compete in, which helps you earn more rewards. We are excited to have stumbled across this gem because they offer many forms of payout, including Amazon rewards, Paypal rewards and mailed checks.

Exploring Points2Shop

Free Dollar for just signing up!

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