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Hits4Pay Review

Hits4Pay PTC Information

  • Location Eligibility: All countries.
  • Membership Fee: None
  • Minimum Payout: $25.
  • Form Of Payout: PayPal.
  • Pay Per Click: Usually $0.01- $0.05.
  • Referral System: Yes. Hits4Pay has a two-tier referral system in which you earn $0.01 for each email that your direct referrals validate and you earn $0.01 from each validated email that your direct referral's referral reads.
  • Timeliness of Check: Once your account balance reaches $25.00 or more, it will be "zeroed out" on the 1st of the following month to pay out your commissions. That means your Hits4Pay account will show a $0.00 balance at this time. If your account has been "zeroed out", your commissions will be transferred to your PayPal account on or around the 15th of that month!

How Hits4Pay Works...