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Swagbucks Review

SwagBucks Information

  • Age Requirement: 13+.
  • Location Eligibility: US, the UK, or Canada (except for residents of Quebec).
  • Membership Fee: None
  • Form Of Payout: PayPal, Amazon, and Rewards in the SwagStore (Check Video).
  • Referral System: Yes.
  • Timeliness of Payout: Varies.

Who are they?

Swagbucks is a search engine with a twist. Each time you use their search engine, you have the chance to win a "swag buck" or digital dollar. These swag bucks can be used to redeem really high quality prizes in the swag store. This is definitely a site worth joining. All you have to do is search! By the way, they use results from google and to give you your results.

Exploring SwagBucks

Find Swagcodes

To see if there are any swag codes currently available, click on the widget below where it says "Swag Codes". Then click, "Check if there's a swag code". If a swag code is available, you will see it there.