Tips for Survey Panels

Some rules you should follow.

  • Make a separate email address, specifically designated for emails from EACH survey site. This will help keep all your offers and survey invitations organized. It will also help prevent the cluttering of your personal email address.
  • Remain ACTIVE! Once you start ignoring surveys, you might lose the will to complete future surveys. This will result in time wasted, as future rewards will be nothing of substantial value.
  • Check your email each and EVERYDAY! You don't want to miss out on an opportunity that could boost your earnings!
  • Sometimes there are security questions (especially in high-paying surveys) that can get you kicked out of surveys if you skim over them. Be mindful of them, they are becoming more prevalent in the longer, more tedious surveys.
  • Fulfill the quota necessary to cash out. Don't give up half way and waste all your hard work.
  • Fill out all of your profiles. Most survey sites have profiles for you to complete to filter surveys that do not apply to you. Filling out your profiles will increase your likelihood of receiving a survey that you can qualify for.
  • Download a free trial of Roboform. This will help you complete surveys much faster by eliminating the portion where you have to fill in your personal information.

Understanding the types of Survey Panels.

  • Reward Panels - These are survey panels that reward members with checks, paypal money, gift certificates, and/or other rewards for completing online surveys.
  • Sweepstakes Panels - These survey panels offer sweepstakes entries when you complete online surveys.
  • GPT Panels - These get-paid-to survey panels incorporate completing surveys and offers for monetary rewards or other gifts.